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The Day of Greatness

Posted by kimberly perry on Thursday, March 22, 2012,
March 23rd we will head to the North Charleston Col. to compete against many teams. It's another day for us to show the world our success. We will come together as a team, Be there for each other no matter what the day may bring, keep our heads held high and will strive for the best. It's time for us to show everyone just how "fearless" we are, and we will show  it on March 23,2012! We are ready for what tomorrow has to bring, and we will not back down!
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The Teams Information

Posted by kimberly perry on Tuesday, March 20, 2012,

The fearless Iron Wolverines has set out a mission, to bring advance engineering to our school. We want to be able grow our skills and spirit of copperation by exposing students to first robotics. This year was the first year back in comp for FTC team 719. The team placed 18 of 33 teams invitational. 35 students will join FTC next year. We are now forming robotics courses to fit within our high school's curriculum.
 In the future, we plan to host a first robotics comp at our school.
we plan to...

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