The Fearless Iron Wolverines come together, to work , to help one another, and to help each other reach to the stars. We come together, not only as a team, but as family,  we all are treated equally. No one is left behind!

Everyone comes together to make our team work. We work the best and the fastest as we can. Our group is made up of many age differences, but that doesn't stop us from being team. Our Hearts ,Our Faith, Our everything, is in the soul of FIRST robtics. 

About Us Wolverines
Programming Daniel Ilderton Emanuel Wamer Victor Garcia
Build Team Nassim Bennaissa Demario Kitt Stephon Edwards Nicholas Donerlson Danielle McClain
WebSite Team Kimberly Perry Elizabeth Godbold Lauren Scruggs Halley Walker
Animation Darshean Rhett Stephanie O'Connor David Murray Jon Lucas Hayley Ardis Tiffany Walters Anna Lin
Business Mileya Ellis Chanda Baxter Valencia Deal A'brianna Boyd Romeo Glover
Electricity Blake Rabon Nathaniel Behrick

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