FIRST Tech Challenge

Many teams will be competing in a head-to-head challege using a sports-

model type of robot that can play basketball.  There are teams of 10 who will

 be designing, building, and programing those robots to compete against

 each other.  The teams include mentors, coaches, and volunteers that have to

 develop a strategy and build the robots based on sound engineering

 principles.  The robot kit that is given to the teams is reusable from year to

 year and is programmed to understand a variety of languages.    Awards are

 given out for competition, community outreach, design, and other real world

 accomplishments.  The students will get to design, build, and program robots

 that apply real world math and science concepts, along with developing

 problem-solving, organizational, and team building skills.  Students also get

 to compete and cooperate in alliances, which also helps with team building

 skills.  The winning team will earn a place in the World Championship and

 qualifies for nearly $9.7 million in college scholarships.  So get ready

 because competition is fierce and each team is trying to make the best robot

 to get into the championship and to get all of that scholarship money, good

 luck everyone!

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