FIRST Team 4083

The Iron Wolverines

" Robotics Today, The World Tomorrow"

Our Vision

The goal of FIRST Team 4083 is to expose all students to world-class opportunities in the field of Science and Technology. Our vision is to create a world class robotics program and also to instill in students advanced skills in all disciplines. The idea is that our program only starts with robotics--- the end result is a talented group of indidviuals that are prepared to take part in the world and make a difference in the lives of everyone they touch.

Five-Year Plan

Next year, thirty-five students will be enrolled in the new robotics course, and will compete in the FIRST FTC Divison. We will create an After school program which will feature; Tutoring, An Afterschool Snack and enrichment opportunities through clubs and organizations. A summer camp will be put in place that educates the entire community about engineering, mechatronics, and other STEM programs. We compete all year long in robotic/technology/science competitions.Our major goal is to build a $5 million engineering academy.


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